Armour Plate Alloy Boat Range

Let's get serious, the Armour is specifically designed and fabricated to get you back safely and in comfort, most times we don't chose to launch in adverse conditions but sometimes when we get out there the weather can blow up, it's these time that you will be glad you have an Armour. The Armour's unique design with massive 23 degree dead rise and built in floatation chambers around the hull create a soft ride even in heavy chop and provide awesome stability at rest, no compromises, you can have it all in the Armour.

Constructed from a minimum of 4mm marine grade 5083 aluminium plate (it gets thicker as you go bigger), the Armour as it's name implies is made to shield you from the elements while you sit back and enjoy the ride. Ideal for the bay, rivers and trips out to the reef, to fish, to dive, to sight see or just 'cause you can. Available in many configurations including Centre Console, Centre Cab and Hardtop.

At Sea Adex Boats Australia we are all about your dream... We don't tell you what you want or what you can have, we create what you dream.

Base Specs at a glance

  • 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5 models
  • All 4mm 5083 pressed side sheets, deck, girders and bulkheads
  • Massive 23 degree deadrise
  • Level flotation

Options and Additions

  • It's your dream you tell us what options and additions you need and want.
  • Other than the structural hull design there is very little that can not be changed.

Armour 55 reviewed by Fishing Monthly

Download a review in PDF

Armour Plate Alloy Boats Range Specifications

Specifications Armour 45 Armour 55 Armour 66
Length 4.50 metres 5.50 metres 6.60 metres
Length overall boat only 4.85 metres 5.80 metres TBC
Beam 2.1 metres 2.45 metres TBC
Length overall boat and motor (trim down) TBC 6.40 metres TBC
Length overall BMT (trim down) 6.1 metres 7.2 metres TBC
Fuel Capacity (standard) 100 Litres 150 Liters TBC
Maximum Engine HP 100hp 200hp TBC
Draft (leg up at rest) TBC 0.50 metres TBC
Draft (leg down at rest)
TBC 0.80 meters TBC
Hull Weight finished with batteries etc 720 kg 1180 kg TBC
Bottom 4mm 4mm TBC
Sides 4mm 4mm TBC
Decks and Floor 4mm 4mm TBC
Internal stringers, girders and bulkheads 4mm 4mm TBC
Dead Rise (constant) 23 Degrees 23 Degrees 23 Degrees

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