RMP Plate Alloy Boat Range

RMP is a serious & purposeful plate alloy boat built tough to tackle anything you and the creaks, bay, rivers and dams all across Australia can throw at it. It will be with you for all the memorable moments, quietly getting on with what it's designed to do, getting you there and back in comfort and safety.

Constructed entirely from 5083 marine grade aluminium with all the girders, bulkheads, decks, side & hull sheets cut from 4mm plate. The RMP is one very strong boat, with 10 degree dead rise and large 150mm chines, it offers incredible stability for when your bent over the side fighting that fish of a life time.

Don't think that the RMP is all about fishing though, it isn't; even though it's the best fishing mate you will ever have, the RMP is about you and your dreams. Why not load up the kids and dog and take a trip up the creek for a picnic and swim on a sandy flat in one of Australia's beautiful waterways, or how about loading up your camera and camouflage gear in the pre dawn chill, to get to that secret spot to take the shot for the next National Geographic cover. It's your boat, your dream, make it what you want and then some....

Base Specs at a glance

  • 4.3 to 5.3 models
  • All 4mm 5083 plate, girders, bulkheads, decks, side sheets, hull sheets etc
  • 2.1 metre beam
  • 10 degree dead rise with large 150mm chines
  • 4 people and 60hp maximum for the 4.3
  • 6 people and 90hp maximum for the 5.3
  • Tiller, side console and centre console versions available. From basic to fully loaded!

Options and Additions

  • It's your dream you tell us what options and additions you need and want.
  • Other than the structural hull design there is very little that can not be changed.

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